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I've been baking my whole life

My earliest baking memory is helping my Grandma make her famous homemade buns. Everyone loved them!


She baked bread on a regular basis – but instead of loaves she made 9x13 pans of rolls. She would pinch off some dough and have me roll it into small balls and then I would place three of them in a little pan and make cloverleaf rolls. I still remember how wonderful the bread smelled as it baked and how proud I was to take my little balls of perfection home to share at our dinner table.


I still make bread today – and like my Grandmother, I almost always make buns, not loaves.

The smell is still heaven.


I bake for fun


I bake what looks delicious to me and then I find a recipient to give it to.  Family, friends, co-workers – all the sweet treat lovers in my life. 


I am not a professional baker – my decorated cookies may not look perfectly iced.  My cakes may not be as tall as some.  My photographs will not look like they were shot in a studio and they will not be touched up.  What they will be is delicious.  I will only post a recipe for something that I have eaten and loved. 


I am always asked for the recipes of the things I bake and share.  So instead of sharing them one or two people at a time, I decided to create a blog so anyone who wants to try a favorite of mine can.


Please enjoy and share the recipes with the ones you have gifted with your baking.




Bobi Brouse Bertling

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