My Miss Grace is my 8 year old grand daughter.  She is a little mama to her seven younger siblings and she loves it.  She loves crafting and LOVES baking.  Hmmm, I wonder where she gets that from.  I saw her recently and she was asking me about Swiss Meringue

Butter Cream.  She feels intimated to try and make it.  I just chuckled and said me too.  Maybe we can try it together.

She watches all the baking...

December 10, 2017

When one of my grandchildren asks me to make them a birthday cake I always say yes.  It is a labor of love.  Liesl turned seven today and really wanted a doll cake.  She did not remember the Cinderella doll cake I made her for her third birthday so how could I say no?  This wasn't just any doll though.  It had to Evie - one of the characters from the 

TV show the Descendants.  I have been really fascina...

March 4, 2017

My favorite cake as a child was chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.  I requested it every year for my birthday.  I never got it though.  I always got chocolate cake with white frosting.  My mom's reasoning was that she didn't like chocolate frosting.  I think by the age of 10 I knew I would always make the cake my kids requested.  Wouldn't you know my daughter always requested chocolate cake with chocolate frosting (she ad...

April 10, 2016

Friends and family are my greatest inspiration.  In this case it was the granddaughter of a friend of mine.  This little girl is turning three – the 

perfect age for a doll cake.  This little girl loves to play princess and on  any given day her imagination inspires her to be anyone she fancies.   For the moment Rapunzel has captured her heart.  So for this special occasion I made her a Rapunzel cake.  A little t...

December 5, 2015

Like so many of you with little children or grandchildren, my grandchildren were in Frozen frenzy mode last year.  When my oldest turned four last December I got inspired to make her a cake with “ice”.

I watched some YouTube videos and decided to give it a whirl.  I was surprised at how easy it was and fun.  I flavored mine with a touch of orange extract in case anyone wanted to sample some and it was pretty good.  And the “ice...

September 26, 2015

I am a visual person and get inspired easily.  My kitchen is bulging at the seams with recipes that I swear I am going to get to.  Then, bam, a new recipe comes along and bumps one down the list.  Now, add Pintrest and other food bloggers I follow to the mix and wow – my plate overfloweth.


And inspiration doesn’t just come by way of recipes.  Take this birthday cake I made recently for my three-year-old grandson, Row...

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