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Cheese Cracker Appetizer

This might be the oddest recipe I have ever tried - it is also my new addiction. I cannot get enough of these crackers (recipe from What can be odd about cheese crackers? How about the fact that they need to bake for eight hours? Yup, eight hours. So worth it. Give it a try, I dare you to eat just one. Enjoy.


2 stacks Saltine Crackers

1 (8 oz) package sharp, grated Cheddar cheese (I have used Swiss too, I think any cheese would work)

¼ cup butter, melted

Cayenne (or Paprika) pepper, to taste


Brush crackers with melted butter and arrange in a single layer on cookie sheets. Sprinkle grated cheese over crackers and sprinkle cayenne over cheese.

Place under broiler just until bubbly (takes 1-2 minutes, tops). Don’t let crackers brown too much. Re-set oven to 180 degrees and return crackers to oven and bake for 8 hours.

Keep in a tightly closed tin (or freeze them).

To print recipe CLICK HERE

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