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My Miss Grace Inspires Me

My Miss Grace is my 8 year old grand daughter. She is a little mama to her seven younger siblings and she loves it. She loves crafting and LOVES baking. Hmmm, I wonder where she gets that from. I saw her recently and she was asking me about Swiss Meringue

Butter Cream. She feels intimated to try and make it. I just chuckled and said me too. Maybe we can try it together.

She watches all the baking shows and gets inspired by watching all the adults and kids making amazing things. Her dad just had a birthday and she wanted to make his cake all by herself. She choose chocolate cake with Oreo buttercream. She used my chocolate cake recipe. I didn't know she was making a layer cake - this recipe is suited to cupcakes or a 9x12 cake. It has a very soft crumb so it is hard to frost as a traditional layer cake.

She did everything by herself and only struggled when it came time to frost it. But, according to all of the benefactors (her family) it was delicious and there wasn't a crumb left.

We both decided we want to tackle that Swiss Meringue and also Macarons. Here's to Grace.


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